Blackdog, glass
"Scapegoat", woodcut on paper, 230x363cm
"Red Forest", charcoal, acryl and woodcut on paper, 240x366cm
Gather thistles, expect prickles
Carlina Vulgaris
Qui s'y frotte, s'y pique
Carlina Vulgaris
Sol perturbé
« Selfportrait as thistle », woodcut on paper, 240x180cm
« Roman », aluminium, ceramics, rubber, wood, fur, 180x110x90cm
« Thistlebud », woodcut on paper, 270x240cm
« Dogscape », ceramics, porcelain, acryl resin, rubber
"Shepherd", polyester, birch, 220x100x100cm
Das Treffen, polyester
« Moonman », woodcut, charcoal and acryl on paper, 270x240cm
Sturm, polyester, 300x 210x150cm
"White boots" and "White Stripes"
« Flag », polyester, birch, 450x350x600cm
« Les bêtes noires », charcoal and acryl on paper, 300x240cm
"Free Foxes" (arctic), aluminium, 90x125x60cm
"Free Foxes", brons, verf, beton, 240x260x400cm
"Monument for my beloved ones", ceramics, polyester, 250x180x170cm
"Boars Head", ceramics, 210x170x160cm
"Choufleur", bronze, rubber, 180x80x80cm
"Heraldic Ceramic"
"Spitsbergen", installation; ceramics, aluminium, pur, paint
sketchbook "Spitsbergen", 2007
"Viewmaster", aluminium, polyester, 220x100x70cm
"Veldmeester", ceramics, 220x100x70cm
Weltmeister, mixed media, 140x70x140cm
Selfportrait as landscap
"Fire walk with me", mixed media, 140x70x140cm